Total raised NasHunt Charity Event  $8,633.00

2018 Charity Event raised $1,293.00

Hunters donated $900.00 and $393.00 was donated by others. Total $1,293.00.

NasHunt donates 100% of Hunter proceeds and splits the donations between two charities one for Children and one for Veteran Foundations .Catch A Dream Foundation will see a check for $646.50 and The Independence Fund  also of $646.50.

2019 NasHunt Charity Event will be raising funds for Catch A Dream Foundation and Hunting Heros Foundation.

  Four Classes to Choose From






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Catch A Dream Foundation                    The Independence Fund         


2017 Hunter Donations

Lorie and I want to thank all hunters for your compassion to participate in the 2016 Buck Challenge Event. Hunters raised $1,310.00 dollars in memory of Shawn Jenks donated 100% to Catch A Dream and The Independence Fund Foundations. We have High expectations for 2018 and encourage all hunters to help in our mission and how blessed we are. Wounded Veterans and Children battling cancer want to thank the hundreds of hunters who signe up for the NasHunt Buck Challenge Charity Event.

In Memory of Shawn Jenks (1982 -2016)


"New" for 2018

NasHunt is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit

NasHunt changed it's status to nonprofit. Most hunters wanted the change and no longer will we have hunter payouts. Instead we will be giving away donated hunting products throughout 13 weeks of the hunting season. Now all hunters who enter will have a chance to win a prize. Prizes will be listed at a later date. Winners of the hunter class will recieve the NasHunt Championship Plague and Pro-Hunters recieve the Championship ring with 25 Pro-Hunters signing up.. 

NasHunt "NEW" Web-Show

How many Hunters would view a Web-show about hunting, the event, its hunters,  products, hunting tips and stories.

"NEW" DIY Pro-Hunter Class 

NasHunt Pro-Hunter - any hunter who is crazy about hunting whitetails !

NasHunt will always put the working hunter first and for the dedicated crazy whitetail hunter we are introducing the NasHunt DIY Pro-Hunter class. Depending on the amount of Pro-Hunters entering Hunters will be required to provide video of there hunt including experinces of family, friends and time in the field to NasHunt. The film will be edit into a 13 week Web-show series with the grand winner at the end. Hunters will be judged by their video, personality, rack score and popular vote. The winner will recieve the NasHunt Pro Championship Ring and our hope is for a sponsor to provide a great prize. THIS WILL BE AWESOME !


We encourage Outfitters be more involved in the NasHunt National Outfitter event. No outfitters signed up in 2016 & 2017. COMMON OUTFITTERS STEP UP ! We will provide great exposure of your name and link to your web site. A chance for NasHunt hunters to view your skills and harvests.


We ask the hunting world to please consider to help fund this great event so we can better promote the event to the 13 million hunters who can enter. Imagine if each hunter participated how many lives we could help. We have faith-hope and believe with everyones help we could see a true miracle.

100% Donated

NasHunt donates 100% of all Hunter proceeds and Lorie and I have volunteered all our time and funds to hold the event. We truly enjoy meeting all the great hunters along the way.


Some of the 2016 Winners !



2017 NasHunt current submitted harvasts


Emmett Kyler - Pa NasHunt State Hunter


Jason Kornbal - NasHunt Pro-Hunter

Bobby Hart - NasHunt Pro-Hunter


Some of the 2016 Youth Hunters

Our Future Hunters Caring About Others


hunters who make it all possible...100% of proceeds are donated

How the charity event works...

1. Hunters register (in one of 4 - classes)

2. Once a buck is harvest (hunters score the rack, by NasHunt scoring system)

3. Submit to NasHunt your score with a picture of you and your buck (within seven days)

4. Highest gross score wins  (all hunters who participate are the real winners)

5. It's That Simple ! 


Buck Challenge 2018 Charities

Catch A Dream - has supplied over 600 hunting and fishing adventures for children battling a terminal illness.

The Independence Fund - has supplied over 1,600 track chairs for Veterans plus many medical necessities to help Veterans with a better quality of life.

 "God Bless Our Brave Soldiers" and for those who gave it all...


(North America Sportsman Hunting United Nationally Together)