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Thank You hunters for your compassion to participate in the 2016 NasHunt Charity Event we raised over $2,000 dollars for Catch A Dream and The Independence Fund Foundations. We are " Improving the Lives Of Others " through hunting. Soon will have the complete run down still receiving entries.







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Current 2016 NasHunt Charity Event Harvests 

 Veterans and Children battling cancer want to thank the hundreds of hunters who signed up for the NasHunt Buck Challenge Charity Event.


NasHunt Pro Class Jason Kornbau Score 144 2/8

Thank You for all you do and the NasHunt charity event. It took me about 4 years to draw an archery tag for south east Iowa, this year I drew my tag.  Just so happens tho, my wife and I just had our very first child.  My baby girl was only about three weeks old when I left for my 2 week Iowa hunt.  My wife knew I was trying to get a tag and thankfully our families were able to help while I was gone.  The hunt itself was outstanding, lots of action and many up's and down's as the hunt went on.  I had a few close encounters with great deer but couldn't close the deal.  With archery equipment everything needs to be just perfect to get a chance at a mature whitetail.  The two weeks of hunting ticked by and the grim thought of the last day of the hunt was here.  Friday November 11, veterans day was the very last day I would be able to hunt Iowa.  After checking the wind direction for the day, which was the worst possible for a river bottom stand the land owner and I thought would be best for one more sit.  I had the most encounters with good bucks in that river bottom and the "wind was awful" but I decided to just go for it and get in that seat.  Thank goodness I did!!  That buck broke from the timber in the one place the wind was best and I was able to get a shot.  The rest is history!  This buck is not my largest, but is the best buck I've ever taken with my bow.  However that's not what made this one so special.  I'm a 13 year Army combat veteran and I was able to take such a great buck on veterans day.  What a way to close out two long weeks!!  I shoot a Hoyt Vector with Easton FMJ and Rage hypodermics, that combo did the trick!!

Thank you for your effort and thoughtfulness in helping out with such a great cause!!  And I'm grateful to be able to help my Brother's and Sister's in uniform!

 Go Army!

Jason Kornbau


NasHunt NY Hunter Class Vinny D'Addona Score 141 4/8


NasHunt NY Youth Class Hunter Ben D'Addona Jr. Score 119

Hunt information: location, Westchester County N.Y., Bow: PSE DEER THUG, arrows: BLACK EAGLE CARNIVORE, broadhead: THUNDERHEAD 85 GRAIN, accessories: FLEXTONE GRUNT TUBE, PRIMOS CAN CALL,SCENTBLOCKER CAMO, TINKS SCENT BOMBS,LADDER STAND----- story: Cold morning,bucks were on their feet in the seeking pre-rut stage.I heard some restlessness on hill to my right above me, noticed this 8 pt coming down hill 25 yds in front of me looking for love.Once deer got directly in front of me he had stopped at a large downed tree and made a fatal decision to turn left and follow tree to 5 yds to base of my ladder stand! Once he cleared the tree he walked another 8' to the base of my ladder.I had put 2 TINKS scent bombs close to my ladder to mask my scent, one was next to me up my ladder, the other was only about 3 yds in front of my ladder on branch.Buck nosed up to my ladder to smell "high scent bomb" then went towards the one on ground.As he passed the 2nd scent bomb, he turned back to smell it, and was shot hard quartering away.Pass thru at 4 yds! Deer went down 30 yds in front of me,in sight from ladder. Took best pic I could from ladder and sent to my dad. Remained in stand for 2 more hours......the longest 2 of my life. My biggest buck to date! Memorable day for dad and I in deer woods!!! Thank you for your thoughtfulness in helping out with such a great cause!!


NasHunt PA Hunter Class Michael Billett Score 131

Thank You for your thoughtfulness to do this. I was on public land in my tree stand in center county by 5:45 slow morning just a couple squirrels till about 8:55 when I seen him feeding  on acorns walking towards me I took the shot at roughly 100 yds broadside with my .270 wsm me and my buddy pat tied him to a log and carried him out on are shoulders with several breaks in between lol.


NasHunt VA Hunter Class Doug Costello Score 132


I feel really privileged to be a part of this great event and charity again.  It was my 2nd day hunting The Kingdom Farm in Leesburg Virginia.  I took an afternoon stand in a wood lot on the south side of the farm on the edge of a harvested bean field.  It was pretty windy, but I felt pretty confident that I was downwind from a major funnel.  Sure enough an hour in the 1st doe made an appearance.  Then another and another.  I could see a big body moving through the cover and finally he stepped out.  The .308 with a 155gr A-Max piled him up right where he stood.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness in helping out with such a great cause!!


NasHunt Hunter Class Cindy Stanely VA


NasHunt Hunter Class Dave Harger With Father and Tammy


NasHunt Youth VA Avery Stanley


NasHunt Youth PA Colby Sindoni


NasHunt Hunter Class MT Craig Johnson


NasHunt Hunter NY Class Ben Williams


NasHunt Hunter Class PA Chad Weikel PA


NasHunt Gauge Gulvas


NasHunt Youth PA Landen Witmer


NasHUnt Hunter Class PA Justin Renninger


NasHunt Hunter Class NJ Bryce Tedesco


NasHunt Youth PA Jaxson


NasHunt Youth Taylor Rice


NasHunt Hunter Clas VA Nat Michie


NasHunt Hunter Class


NasHunt Hunter Class IN Molly Sterowski


NasHunt Hunter Class VA Mark Amspacher


NasHunt Hunter Class PA Molly Sterowski


NasHunt Youth PA Matthe Kolp

Some of the 2016 Youth Hunters

Our Future Hunters Caring About Others


100% of all hunter proceeds are donated to The Independence Fund, Catch A Dream Foundations and the winning hunters who make it all possible...

How the charity event works...

1. Hunters register (in one of 4 - classes)

2. Once a buck is harvest (hunters score the rack, by NasHunt scoring system)

3. Submit to NasHunt your score with a picture of you and your buck (within seven days)

4. Highest gross score wins  (all hunters who participate are the real winners)

5. It's That Simple ! 

Lorie & I would like to thank all hunters for your compassion to participate in the 2015 Buck Challenge Charity Event. $2,211.00 was raised with 414 hunters who entered from 18 different States. The charities Fisher House & Catch A Dream sincerely thanked us for our support and contribution.

Buck Challenge 2016 Charities

Catch A Dream - has supplied over 500 hunting and fishing adventures for children battling a terminal illness.

The Independence Fund - has supplied over 1,400 track chairs for Veterans plus many medical necessities to help Veterans with a better quality of life.

Catch A Dream Foundation                    The Independence Fund         


 "God Bless Our Brave Soldiers" and for those who gave it all...


(North America Sportsman Hunting United Nationally Together)

Hunters get involve, volunteer, enter, donate, help bring awareness and funding for Our Wounded Veterans and Children Battling Cancer.

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Catch A Dream

Look at Smiles

Catch A Dream Foundation has provided over 500 hunting and fishing adventures for children who have been battling to see another day.

With your help and support we can help provide future adventures BY ENTERING the BUCK CHALLENGE...