1. Who can enter?              All hunters who purchase a legal hunting license of the State  they registered for.

2. When does it start?         Sept. 28, thru Jan. 31,

3. What season?                 Archery and gun seasons are combined together.

4. Costs to enter?               Youth Hunter Free - $5 Hunter - $50 Pro Hunter - $50 Outfitter.

5. Location?                       Every State whitetails are hunted.

6. Outfitter National            Outfitters of North America inculding Canada

7. Youth Challenge              Every State whitetails are hunted.

8. Where do you hunt?        (Hunter) Any where in the State you registered in - (Pro & Outfitter) any where in the country.

9. How many bucks?            Hunter/Youth one - Pro Hunter up to three only one counts - Outfitter three combined scores.

10. High fences?                  No, only free roaming wild whitetail deer, legally harvested.

11. Scoring?                        The highest score. (See Scoring Details)

12. Antler scoring?                NasHunt has designed its own scoring system specifically for the Hunter. Scoring is to benefit the whitetail antlers, gross score without any deductions. (See Scoring Page).

13. Eligible Bucks?                For QDM, an eligible buck needs to have no less than three score able points to one side.

14. Submitting your score?     NasHunt has provided PDF scoring instructions and scorecards for hunters to fill out and submit to NasHunt. Highest scores may be rescored to determine correct winners.

15. Scoring deadline?             Once a buck is harvested, the hunter needs to submit the score within 7 days.

16. Cheating?                        I have been asked this question. Should sports be terminated if a small percentage tries to cheat? People have tried to cheat in every sport. We do not terminate the sport, but enforce the rules and regulations and terminate the cheaters. Hunters should not be denied an opportunity to participate in hunting tournament because someone may try to cheat. Cheaters are only cheating themselves. If the tournament had no hunting payouts and was determined by the biggest antlers someone will still try to cheat. NasHunt will take all tournament submissions seriously and do its best to terminate any hunter who tries to cheat. All winners may be given a "FREE" polygraph test to assure the integrity of the tournaments future.