Integrity: NasHunt intent is to organize and provide a paramount hunting contest of high moral principles. NasHunt vows to all hunters, sponsors, advertisers and charities to use the best technology available and assure all hunters, are honest, truthful and law-abiding in submitting their scores.

NasHunt was contacted by Captain John P. Slater a retired CID Commander and have worked as a subject matter expert for the United States Seal's with Naval Special Warfare in the United States and in the theater of Iraq during the surge. Also with the 5th group Military Intelligence Division, U.S. Army. International Verification Services has the latest technology where telephonic examinations are conducted over the phone. This has been a blessing for us to allow a more convenient way to police the hunting events where hunters are spread  across North America in 43 State. The primary purpose is to have fun and raise money for charity, while enjoying the great outdoors doing something we love to do, Hunt Whitetails.

International Verification Services

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Captain John P. Slater (Ret.)
Director of Operations

International Verification Services #A 11-084