A Dream 

A dream to raise awareness and funding for Children and Veteran Charities through a nationwide hunters charity event. Help provide all children with a life threatening illness the opportunity to have a dream come true with loved ones and help provide Veterans and family members the necessities for a better quality of life.

My passion for whitetail hunting and working at a children's hospital caring for children with life threatening illnesses and seeing our wounded veterans returning home, gave me the idea to bring hunting and charities together. What better way for hunters to show their compassion, sportsmanship and make a difference in someones live than hunting in GOD 's Great Outdoors!

What is NasHunt

The first ever Annual Nationwide Hunters Charity Event to raise awareness and funds for charity. An event all hunters can participate and 100% event fees are donated to Charities/Hunters. To be responsible and honest sportsmen legally hunting wild and free whitetails while helping Veterens and terminally ill children. Encourage youth hunters to be involved in charity while enjoying our great outdoors with family, friends and fellow hunters.

How it works

Hunters enter in one of 4 classes: Pro Hunter, Hunter, Outfitter and Youth FREE. Hunt their normal hunting area and once a buck is harvested, they score the rack, take a picture with the buck and submit the score and picture by Text, email ejr@nashunt.com or mail. IT'S THAT SIMPLE !

NasHunt Web-site

Is the HUB the gathering place were hunters enter, receive information,  check current standings,  view hunters harvest,  Blog, share hunting experiences, camaraderie and develop new friendships.  NasHunt is not about one hunter, but all hunters and their journey. 

Charity Event Design

The hunting events are designed to be FUN, FAIR and SIMPLE for all hunters.

The Begining

Introduced to hunting at a very early age by my Father and Grandfather.  When listening to their stories and enjoying the cameraderie with other hunters at hunting camp I was hooked. I was very active in sports and enjoyed the camaraderie, friendships and brotherhood developed from playing sports. Hunting at camp seemed to be the same.  Camp was the union of all hunters from all walks of life and professions combined together to share in our hunting tradition. This was not only about hunting but about each other, our families, morals, conduct, as a group and the caring of one another not only at camp but in our daily lives.

I hope hunters will see this as a positive in the hunting world, to bring all hunters together as a group through a website hub to encourage hunting and to enjoy our God given outdoors with friends and family.

Did you ever want to belong to a hunting camp? Well now’s your chance!  NasHunt will allow you to upload photos, view standings and communicate as a hunting camp.


Increase awareness and funds for charities. Provide a paramount hunting event for charity with integrity for all hunters to enjoy. Promote hunting  sportsmanship and QDM to our youth and how one person can make a difference.

NasHunt Goals:

1. Provide funding for every terminally ill chlid so their dreams can come true and provide our wounded soldiers and their families the necessities to live a better qualty life.

2. Promote hunting, encourage and provide our youth the opportunity to hunt.

3. Open the door to new hunters of all occupations.

4. Encourage youth involvement in hunting and charity events.

5. To maintain a paramount hunting event with integrity, honesty for all hunters.

6. Promote quality deer management for all States.

7. Increase and unite our brotherhood of hunters Nationwide.

8. Provide State wildlife agencies with accurate hunting data for game management.

 9. Help Farmers, Cities and States of game issues to co-exist together.

10. Hunting goodwill and enjoy hunting event together through new tecnology.