NasHunt National Outfitter Whitetail Championship

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100% of entry fee is donated to charities

NasHunt National Whitetail Outfitter Championship is the first ever Whitetail Outfitters compete in states all across North America where Whitetails are legally harvested. Up to four of the Outfitter hunting clients can submit there whitetail racks taken in the same hunting licensed year ending January 31. The racks shall be scored by the NasHunt gross scoring system. Once a buck is harvested, they score the rack, take a picture with the buck, the Outfitter and submit the scores and picture by Text, email or mail. The highest total gross score wins. Winner is crowned NasHunt National Whitetail Outfitter Champion and the Outfitter wins the championship ring. (25 Outfitters have to enter to win ring)

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Your support is very important for the charities to help provide the necessities for our wounded soldiers and children's dreams come true. Enter early to be at the top of the list. 100% of your donation is donated to the charities and winning hunters for participating. Top winner recieves the National Outfitter Championship Ring.

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